New Community for cyclers

Please visit ur new site for bikers at


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Sunny Skies is for sale

Sunny Skies is now back in the US after an idylic cruise through the enire Caribbean. It s now for sale. Visit our main site at

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Sunny Skies Blog

Our sail blog is located at :

for now this is the more complete blog if any one wants to follow trials, tributations and adventures of the good ship Sunny Skies.  We’ll also be posting some more pictures there soon.

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All Shook Down

OK OK I’m a blogger…. inspired (goaded) by my kid sister to get off my butt.  You might soon also find me on my sailors blog which is also lost somewhere in procrastiland.  I’ll post a link later. 

We have finally completed the (somewhat agonizing but occasionally fun)  Shakedown phase.  Currently hanging out in Maho Bay, St John, USVI on the first day of our new life… finally after a fairly strenuous and exhausting couple of weeks, got Sunny Skies functional (but still not shipshape) and provisioned (although provisions are in heaps everywhere waiting to be neatly oranized, cataloged and stowed – maybe tomorrow).

And you wonder why you ever go home….

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